Andres Madariaga  Creations 


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My work has always been an outlet  to express my fears my emotions and  to understand the world around me . I use my intuition and perception as my main tools and like a doctor I am dissecting dreams and memories through the canvas. Growing up in two cultures has always been difficult for me, never fitting in to one or the other, and with art it has been no different. With time I learned that some things change and some other never do : differences appear, many of them are subliminal and come from deep in the subconscious. However, at the end , the actual work can surpass any barrier that society or our own stereotypes can make, because even though art is a lie, it holds no lies. it is our one crude judge and also our most intimate and pure savior.  So i Invite you to step in,  and find your own symbols into my work  and embrace yourself into “the dream ".    

"Andres Madariaga, who attended New Haven’s Wilbur Cross High School, Educational Center for the Arts, Gateway College and the Cooper Union summer arts program, said that the imagery he creates is informed by investigations of symbolism, iconography and color".